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L.I.F.E. System Details

Our L.I.F.E. System provides schedules, reminders, and prompts to incorporate meal planning, student activities, and the Catholic faith into your daily homeschooling routine.

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Last Week Review

Every page is designed to start your organization at the top and work your way down the page. Take some time to reflect on what you learned last week. Then brainstorm some ideas on how to make some adjustments for the coming week. Collect last week's papers written and what books were read for easy consolidation at the end of the year for portfolios.

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Next Week Review

Now it is time to put your plan into action! Take your learnings from the previous page and craft your ideal week. Identify your top 3 goals for the week and then plan out this week's education goals. This section is customizable with ample space so you can plan a single child or multiple children. Remember to start your week consecrating your homeschool week with this Marian homeschool prayer.

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Daily Consolidated Planning 

This is the primary planning page. This includes everything you need for a successful day. Video links for daily prayers, lectin divine, liturgical colors, saint or feast for the day, daily trackers for assignments or water consumption, and the to do list. Homeschooling organization is flexible and allows for several ways of utilizing the tool. Here you can track multiple children's daily assignments or a single child's curriculum by subject. There are endless possibilities!

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Meal Planning Made Simple

Includes daily meal planning with Saints on each day helping you to customize your menu to highlight feasts and Saints. On the right you can collect all the grocery items you need to make shopping simple.

What's Included?

We help you by offering a Liturgical Organizational Planner that caters specifically to traditional Catholic homeschooling moms. Our system provides schedules, reminders, and prompts to incorporate liturgical seasons, feasts, and the Catholic faith into your daily homeschooling routine. Foster a rich Catholic environment within your homeschooling journey, under the protection of Mary's Mantle.

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Liturgical Catholic organizer

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the liturgical seasons with our specially designed planners. Experience the richness of Advent, Lent, Easter, Post Pentecost I, and Post Pentecost II through our themed planners. Each planner captures the essence of the season, with daily pages featuring the liturgical color, saint, and proper readings. Embrace the transformative power of aligning your homeschooling journey with the rhythm of the liturgical year.

Family Time

3 in 1

a life system

designed just for you

Our revolutionary 3-in-1 planner is designed specifically for homeschool moms. This all-encompassing planner serves as a homeschool tracker, daily missal for faith enrichment, and day-to-day planner for organizing your life. Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools because Within the Fold's planner replaces them all, streamlining your homeschooling journey and empowering you to embrace a faith-filled life with ease.


Harmonious & faith centered

Simplify your daily activities with our all-in-one planner. Plan and reflect on the past week, set goals for the upcoming week, and brainstorm what worked and what didn't. With dedicated sections for meal planning, grocery lists, and daily to-do lists, our planner streamlines your life's tasks. Embrace organization, productivity, and self-improvement, all in one convenient place.

Praying Girl

Daily homeschool planning and accountability

Experience the ultimate simplicity in homeschool record-keeping with our comprehensive planner. Effortlessly track lessons, time spent on each subject, test scores, papers written, revisions, field trips, public speaking engagements, and even lab activities. Our planner is designed to streamline your documentation process, ensuring all crucial information is organized in one convenient place. Say goodbye to the hassle of scattered records and embrace the ease of recording with our all-in-one solution.

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Video prayers for busy families

Experience the convenience of our homeschool planner with instant access to audio and video prayers for your family. Say goodbye to complex searches for prayers and daily readings. With QR codes, simply scan and immerse yourself in the beauty of guided prayers. Never let the busyness of life hinder your spiritual practice again. Embrace ease and prioritize what matters most.


Simplify end of year homeschool collection with student tracking

The organizer includes dedicated sections and trackers that allow you to easily record and monitor your children's progress throughout the year. You can track books read, papers written, assignments completed, and any other relevant educational milestones. This information becomes readily available when it's time to compile your end-of-year records. When it comes time to submit homeschooling reports or portfolios, you'll have everything neatly organized in one place. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your documentation is in order, allowing you to focus on the joys of homeschooling and the growth of your children's education.


Bedside private prayer journal

Alongside Within the Fold, we offer a companion journal called "Book Ends" that complements and enhances your homeschooling experience. Book Ends serves as a space for reflection, inspiration, and personal growth. It provides prompts, exercises, and guided journaling that encourage deeper exploration of your faith, homeschooling journey, and personal development. This journal acts as bookends to your daily activities, offering moments of introspection and self-discovery. Embrace the power of reflection and elevate your homeschooling experience with the transformative companion journal, Book Ends.

Home schooling

Works for all ages including high school students

Even for older, more independent students, Within the Fold offers invaluable benefits. Our planner provides a sense of structure and organization, allowing students to manage their time effectively and stay on track with assignments and deadlines. It empowers them to take ownership of their education by setting goals, tracking progress, and reflecting on their achievements. The integration of liturgical seasons and faith-related resources nurtures their spiritual growth and encourages a deeper connection to their Catholic faith. With the flexibility to customize their planner to suit their individual needs, older students can cultivate essential skills such as time management, self-discipline, and personal responsibility. Within the Fold equips older students with the tools they need to excel academically, grow spiritually, and embrace a more independent approach to their homeschooling journey.


Empowering Catholic Families.

Our organizational LIFE system is designed to seamlessly integrate faith, liturgical seasons, and daily life. Experience the 3-in-1 power of our planner, fostering personal growth, academic excellence, and a deep connection to Catholic traditions. More than a planner, it's a transformative system that enriches Catholic life through prayer and purpose.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No risk! Try the L.I.F.E. organizer system for a week and if it doesn't meet your expectation, let us know!

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