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Our Mission

Within the Fold of Mary's Mantle

Within The Fold is dedicated to empowering Catholic homeschooling families by providing them with comprehensive organizational tools, resources, and support. We strive to help families seamlessly integrate their faith, liturgical seasons, and daily life, fostering a harmonious and purposeful homeschooling experience. Our mission is to inspire, guide, and uplift families as they embrace the beauty of Catholic traditions and nurture their children's spiritual, academic, and personal growth.

We are rooted in the Catholic faith and prioritize the integration of Catholic teachings, liturgical seasons, and practices in homeschooling. We believe in nurturing spiritual growth and fostering a deep connection to God in all aspects of life.


Organization and Simplification
We value organization as a means to simplify and enhance the homeschooling journey. Our tools and resources are designed to streamline daily activities, planning, and record-keeping, allowing families to focus on what matters most.


Supportive Community
We believe in building a supportive community of Catholic homeschooling families.
We foster connections, provide resources, and offer guidance to empower families on their homeschooling path.​

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